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Minchukur weather station
Longitude: 66° 53' 47''
Latitude: 38° 40' 22''
Altitude: 2593 m
Phone: +998 95 5050683
SMS alert:
Phone: +998 95 1423358
Phone: +998 95 1773116
Host institution: UBAI
33 Astronomicheskaya str.,
Tashkent, 100052, Uzbekistan
Phone: +998 71 2358102
Fax: +998 71 2344867
News and events
Main events
National training seminar
A training seminar was held 17-19 April 2014 at Samarkand State University in honor of the 620th anniversary of the great astronomer, statesman and public figure Ulugbek. This training workshop organized by the Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute (UBAI), Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan jointly with the Samarkand State University. (read more ...)
Maidanak users meeting 2013
The 4th Maidanak users meeting held place on July 1-4, 2013 in Tarusa, Russia.

This was the 4th annual workshop devoted to various aspects of scientific collaboration at Maidanak observatory between scientific institutions of Uzbekistan, Russia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Ukrain, Poland and France. (read more ...)
Maidanak users meeting 2010
The 2nd Maidanak users meeting held place on June 21 — 25, 2010, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The 2nd annual International meeting of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek astronomers to discuss the current situation, renovation, and future vision of the Maidanak Astronomical Observatory. (read more ...)
Current events
2013 July 31
Korean team arrive to Tashkent at evening and August 1, 2013 will leave for Maidanak.
The main mirror of 1,5 m telescope is cleaned by UBAI team headed by Ildar Asfandiyarov. Please see, photos of the mirror before cleaning and after the cleaning was finished.

2013 July 22
The SNUCAM is delivered to Maidanak and stored in AZT-22 dome.
2013 May 11
The duplicating communication channel using CDMA terminals provided by UzMobile cellular operator was set up. Resulted channel has speed ~160 kbit/sec which is enough for telemetry, telescope guiding and monitoring as well as for checking current in- and out-dome meteorological conditions. Activities on setting up local network of MAO is on the way.
2013 May 08
Observing campaign started on MAO's telescopes in May as was scheduled.
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